Mouth Guards

Sports Injuries

Research has clearly demonstrated that dental injuries related to sports and other physical activities are decidedly reduced when properly fitted mouth guards are used. Sports such as hockey, basketball, and football provide many opportunities for serious contact and injuries to the mouth and jaw. If any member of your family is involved in these types of physical activities, a mouth guard is a worthy investment of time and money into oral health and the aesthetics of their smile. When you stop to consider how much one traumatic incident could affect your oral health or the beauty of your smile, you will not hesitate to address this issue immediately.

It is common for sports organizations to require the use of some type of mouth guard. The vast majority of parents will head for the nearest drug store or big box store to grab the “one-size-fits-all” mouth guard. This is quick and convenient, but not the best option. Of course, children come in many different sizes, and this one-size option is uncomfortable for many children. In addition, this inferior fit does not provide the best protection.

Teeth Grinding

Even if you are not involved in physical activities, a significant number of Americans deal with teeth grinding while they sleep. This, also, can produce significant damage to your oral health and the physical beauty of your smile. Grinding your teeth can produce stress for your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). TMJ issues can have a domino effect on other dental and general health issues. There are specific mouth guards that can correct this problem and eliminate future dental issues.

At the office of Dr. David Littlefield, we can provide information for you on the best options for protecting your valuable smiles and oral health through the use of custom-fit mouth guards. Please contact our office today and set an appointment for a consultation on this important, but often overlooked, issue.