Sedation Dentistry

The team at Dr. Littlefield’s office desires for your dental visit to be as pleasant as it can possibly be. For this reason, we offer sedation dentistry for any procedure that we offer. It is entirely possible for you to experience a comfortable and relaxed procedure during your appointment.

Dental Anxiety is Fairly Common

Researchers say that 75% of Americans experience some level of anxiety when visiting the dentist. So, if you are feeling more than just a little nervous, you are in good company. However, it would be a big mistake for you to avoid important appointments and checkups because of anxiety. Skipped appointments and treatments will inevitably lead to larger dental issues and a long-term deterioration in your oral health.

What is the Solution for Dental Anxiety?

Many Americans have found significant relief for their anxiety in sedation dentistry. Oral sedation has helped tens of thousands of anxious patients find a solution for their extra-sensitive gag reflex, their difficulty in getting numb for their procedure, and their need for multiple procedures in a single appointment.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Medications are used to eliminate your nervousness and discomfort while at the dentist’s office. Our staff will review your medical history with you in order to ensure that the best option is chosen for you. Sedation dentistry has proven to be safe, reliable, and effective for many thousands of patients. You will find that there is nothing to fear during your appointment. Your recovery process will also be greatly aided through the use of sedation dentistry.

Call our office or stop by for more information on how sedation dentistry can be the answer for your concerns. Our greatest concern is that you would not miss important appointments and procedures due to anxiety. Let us relieve your concerns and keep your dental treatment on the road to optimal oral healthcare.